A L F R E D  S T O L L




Alfred Stoll is my artist pseudonym. My real name is Aleksej Gluhov. I was born on 17/07/1993 to a family of ethnic Germans in Kazakhstan. Soon after the Soviet Union collapsed, my family, moved to Russia, first to Siberia and then to the South of Russia, to a small town in the Caspian lowland. 


There I went to school and got my first art education. My architecture degree I got in Astrakhan State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. After finishing my studies I moved to St. Petersburg. A year later my family and I decided to move to Germany through a program supporting repatriates. Since 2017 I live in Bavaria, where I make my art and take part in integration programs for immigrants.


Artist statement 


In the art community and my works, I am interested in topics such as:


•           The influence of digital approaches and techniques on contemporary art and on the artist

•           Determining the artistic value and importance of digital art today

•           Defining the artist's role in the creation of digital art in the future

•           Metamodernism in art

In my works, I don’t use the digital environment as analog instruments, such as a brush and a canvas. The process of creation lies in a combination of techniques: Invert colors, double exposure, Distortion, Multiple overlay, Stylization, Motion and AR, 3D modeling, as well as Digital Drawing, which differs greatly to the usual artistic techniques, not having basic methodology of use and implementation, they require a different approach and often resemble an alchemical experiment. My digital laboratory fits into my smartphone and laptop, always with me, easy to use and doesn't require anything from me besides my interest in creative experimentation.

The main art direction I create in is metamodernism. The idea of new sincerity, tenderness, sensuality, creative freedom and post irony doesn't only resonate with me but gives me inspiration. My works are a condensation of my personal experience and a compilation of the global stream of information through reimagining of meta-narratives due to mental oscillation between two chosen polarities, as well as the search of my own and social boundaries.

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