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Prediction 000

Why is humanity so obsessed with creating artificial intelligence that it makes the body cringe? It already looks like a new addiction in which you need to reach the very bottom, opening this wound to disgust. In order to get out of the economic and cognitive impasse that has turned our world into a technogenic anthill, devoid of a soul? How long does it take to understand that the truth cannot be known, it can only be felt. If mankind has to create something artificial, then not the artificial intelligence, but an artificial soul.


Art collection “Prediction 000” The collection features a series of over 128 non-binary characters that were generated by an artificial neural network. The theme of the collection is based on the theory of the artist’s reflection of reality, where artists use their experiences, observations, and emotions to create artworks that express their perspective on the world. The artwork is a reflection of the social, political and cultural context in which it was created, and it invites the viewer to contemplate the relationship between reality and art, and the power of the artist to reflect and interpret the world in new and meaningful ways. The collection reflects the chaotic, undefined and violent nature of the non-binary ambivalent metamodern world, yet at the same time, it showcases the extraordinary depth, sensuality and sincerity of trying to feel the truth without the need to understand it.


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