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Digital/NFT Art Collection MOSAIC


Mosaic from culture shards. Modern artists are increasingly using fragments of the past culture, refracting their own individuality through them, thereby reflecting the present and letting a ray of light into the future. These shards are artistic styles, images, techniques, and devices from the past. And the purpose of using these fragments is to create a beautiful mosaic celebrating the beauty and excellence of what was created earlier, with gratitude and respect for the style and material. In the collection "Mosaic" or "The New Antiquity" Alfred Stoll unconsciously adhered to this concept, randomly mixing styles, images, and techniques of the past, while trying to go beyond convention and rethink the treasures lying in the dustbin of history. Before creating something new, look around, and you will realize that you are standing on the top of a thousand-year-old mountain of fragments of culture that require faceting for a long time.


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